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Hare Krishna!

My name is Tara and I am raising money for my friends Ravi and Rocios who cannot afford to pay for their sons education. Their sons name is Gauranga Das and he is 5 years old. This is important to me because his education is at Bhaktivedanta Academy in Mayapur, West Bengal, where they teach children to have high moral character and to be the leaders of the future; able to understand and share with others the knowledge on how to live a successful and progressive spiritual life whilst living in the material atmoshphere with all its necessities. It is a very rare and important education to receive for the benefit of society in general. We need more wise and spiritually learned persons in this world!

Gauranga Das' parents who have lived in Mayapur,  West Bengal for 7 years, are not able to raise enough money working in their small catering business in Mayapur to pay his education fees. Their son received sponsorship for his first year and has happliy settled in and is progressing nicely.  It has been his dream to attend the Bhaktivedanta Academy since he was just two years old. Im trying to raise the funds for his next 3 years of education.

He will have to be withdrawn from his education if they cannot pay the fees and this is why we are asking anybody who feels inspired, to please donate. No matter how small, everything will be greatly appreciated.  Also, if you are unable to donate, perhaps you could pass on this request to others who may be interested to help. 

We are very greatful for your help!

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