Help to Vaqtraj bhai for coming back from major trauma.

By neel Parekh

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You never, for sure, know what is waiting for you around the corner, whether good or bad and also where and which situations you will be in next 5 minutes.

My name is Neel Parekh,and for god's and my parents graces I am fit and healthy but unfortunately my very dear friend, Dr Vaqtraj, he is 35 years old and he is in very critical conditions due to major head trauma due to road accident and have been admitted in Geetanjali hospital in Udaipur since New year's eve, 31st December.

My friend was accompanied with rest 3 of us, all doctors, on that evening where he had just finished his duty at Pacific Medical College and Hospital - PMCH in Udaipur, and luckily we have admitted him in safe hands.

He comes from financially unstable family where his elder brothers and father worked so hard and also have taken loan for him so he could become ONLY doctor in his village. Now after lots of hard work from him and his family the time had come for him to return the gratitude to his family but seems like it is fading away by every day passes.

He also has very young family where his youngest daughter is only few months old and the eldest daughter is 2 years.

We, as his loved one, are in very sickening conditions where we, neither of us, know what to do. He had to go under 2 major brain surgery which cost 1 lakh each and is on constant close watch in Neuro ICU where day charge is around 20-30000.

We have circulated the help notes with in our friends and family and have received some money towards his medical cost which we are very grateful of that but unfortunately is not enough and need more support.

Therefore, humbly reaching out to all of you, and literally bagging to all of you for your kindness so he can get better and can get the treatment he needs so he can get back to his normal life and do what he was meant to; support his village and his family.

Plus even if you can share this around your friend and loved one then it would be very kind of you as we are trying really hard for him and his family.

Please Please Please help, every little help will count towards good cause.

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