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The Compass Team, a six year old organization, has been working with schools, teachers, parents and corporate executives to make positive changes in the society through specific programmes that have a bearing on their performance. The programme that started off from schools has today spread to higher levels like colleges and work places. From providing screening, identification and remediation services to students for a variety of problems related to academics and behaviour, speech language and communication and nutrition, our programmes now cover a broader area incorporating adolescent issues in children, managing exam and general anxiety, stress and depression, effective parenting, faculty development and assessment of health of corporate executives, apart from many relevant social issues like family counseling. Our outreach programmes, seminars and workshops, headed by eminent professionals in their respective fields, address all these issues in a scientific manner to benefit the society.

We have screened more than 30,000 students across Kerala and the response from schools and parents has been highly encouraging, considering its social impact and the relevance in the present day context.

HOPES© (HOlistic Programme for Evaluation of Students) is the first copyright protected outreach programme in the country implemented through schools to understand students better. It is a 3 stage process that involves Assessment, Evaluation and Remedial intervention.

Areas of Assessment

  • IQ and EQ
  • Academics- reading, writing and math skills
  • Behaviour- Depression, Anxiety, Stress; Attitude and Values
  • Life Skills - Social, emotional and thinking skills
  • Memory, Attention and Concentration
  • Safety Awareness- Computer and general safety
  • Speech Language and Communication- Voice, articulation, fluency, Expressive and Receptive Language, Comprehension
  • Hearing- Using Pure Tone Audiometer and Otoscope
  • Nutrition- Dietary recall and physical activity practice.
  • General Health- By doctors
  • Dental Health- By dentists
  • Vision- By optometrists

There is also a focus to identify  Dyslexia,ADHD,Behavioural problems, Substance Abuse, Speech, hearing and nutrition related problems and more and to suggest remedial measures.

The Team


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Programme Coordinator

Track record of The Compass team

HOPES implemented in over 100 CBSE, ICSE and Govt. schools covering more than 30,000 students across Kerala.

Successful results over the last 6 years in delivering a variety of services to students, teachers and parents

Services range from Assessment to Remedial Intervention and Training.

Thousands of appreciation letters from parents, schools and teachers have been received, based on what we deliver.

Service partners for the prestigious Student Police Cadet (SPC) project of Kerala Police.

Help my organiztion assess 5000 govt. school children - story -1

We have received official approval from the Delhi Govt. to carry out a project for 17 Govt. schools. Substance abuse would be a focus area, through the assessment

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