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I want a laboratory in my village to become an astronaut

I want a laboratory in my village to become an astronaut

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CARE India.


I want a library and laboratory in my village to become an astronaut!

This is the refrain of many students enrolled in government schools in UttarPradesh, where though a girl is enrolled in a school in Class 3, and has the passion in her veins and dreams in her eyes, she is unable to do a simple subtraction or read a Class 1 textbook!

In Uttar Pradesh, where CARE India works for empowering marginalised women and girls through education, only 13.4% children from Class 5 could complete simple divisions, and only 6.6% children from Class 3 in government schools could complete simple subtractions.

The key reasons for this are:

· Insufficiencies in the most basic school infrastructure, such as libraries and laboratories

· Lack of domain specialized teachers in science and mathematics

· Lack of continuous teacher development platforms for teachers in the state

This needs to change for the future of our girls in the villages who are already facing social exclusion and poverty in their daily lives. 

CARE India has conceptualized and built two Resource Centres- cum-Laboratories for 3619 students and 130 teachers of 24 schools in Bahriach district of Uttar Pradesh for all the support they need. 

Please see the video to see how these centres are making a difference in enhancing the learning and teaching capabilities of girl students and their teachers.

But we are running out of funds and we need your support to maintain, sustain and continuously improve these Resource Centres- cum-Laboratories with new practical tools, books and teacher training material.

And who knows- you may have played your part in creating the next Kalpana Chawla or Shakuntala Devi who will make India proud.

We are grateful for your help!


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