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The present trust was established in the year 2006 by Sou.Shubhangi Kalkari with the aim and object to serve women, children and disabled person. The trust runs following various schemes and programmes for social welfare :- (1) Aadhar Mentally Retarded Residential School, established in the year 2010. The trust provides education, health, food, vocation training to the inmates. Poor children with mental disorder are studying in the school. The school is being run by the trust on non-grant basis and it does not charge benefits to the students. (2) Family Counseling Centre : The trust established it in the year 2011 at Maa Saheb Vidi Gharkul, Kumbhari, Tal. South Solapur, Dist. Solapur through this centre the trust provides legal and social aid to the women applicants for the domestic violence, domestic problems etc. (3) Senior Citizen Counseling Day Care-Centre : Through the centre, the trust serves the retire workers, labourers, vidi workers, and retired vidi workers, the trust provides free refreshment, recreation activities, medical aid and moral support to the workers and age old persons. (4) Vocational Training Centre : Through these centres the trust provides vocational training to the youth, aids and supports the youth in participation in various youth activities undertaken by the Central Govt., the State Govts. and Nehru Yuva Kendras. The trust provides training in tailoring work to the needy and poor women. The trust provides training in computer education to the needy students under the Govt. skill development programme. The trust organizes various camps, seminars for youth leadership. (5) De-addition Centre : The trust runs the centre for the welfare of families of vidi workers, power loom workers which are very badly affected by the alcoholism prevalent among the said male workers. Home visits, to the family of the said workers are regularly made by the trust. (6) Natural Resource Management Centre : Through this centre the trust undertakes various activities for the preservation and enhancement in use of various natural resources with the view to enable the nation to create wealth. (7) Tree Plantation : Every year the trust has been organizing tree plantation events, various programmes for the use of waste land and various programmes for forestation, on the public and private land as well. (8) Free Medical Check-up Camps : The trust has successfully organized free health and medical check-up camps for the rural poor and needy persons. (9) Swachha Bharat Abhiyan : As per the noble idea of our Central Govt. the trust has been organizing various events under Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. (10) Awareness Programmes for Adolescent Girls : In the present modern scenario, it is very essential to undertake awareness programmes for the health and supports for the adolescent girls. In the areas of health, development personalities, physical education and related fields. The trust has organized Awarenes Programmes for Adolescent at Ramwadi area of the city of Solapur. Various respectable persons, participated in the programmes and guided the beneficiaries in the said programmes. Organisation of Description : Our organisation was established in the year 2006. We have been successfully running, conducting and organising the associate various events, programmes and schemes, which are funded by our own organisation totally. It is felt by the trust management that, it has been becoming very difficult to organise the activities and programmes and schemes on its own funding entirely. Hence, financial aid is very badly required by the trust to attain its aims and objects and to run and conduct the said various events, programmes and schemes for the welfare of the society as mentioned hereinabove. Statement of Need :- Presently the trust is serving 40 beneficiaries in the residential school for the mentally retarded children per head expenses for the said school is Rs.86.70. Rs.12,48,570/- annual expenses for the 40 students. Rs.1,48,475/- monthly expenses for the 40 students. Rs.2601.18Ps monthly expenses for one student. The trust proposes to admit 80 students i.e. 40 students more than the present capacity of 40 students, hence Rs.12,48,570/- are required annually for the expenditure towards the same additional 40 students. Day-Care Centre : Capacity 20 age old persons. Budget for Project Activities : Rs.56.30 is expenditure for one age old person for one day. Therefore, Rs.4,05,200/- is an amount required towards the expenditure for 20 age old persons for 12 months i.e. one year. Aadhar Counselling Centre : Rent Rs.48,000/- annual Salary Rs.1,08,000/- annual Stationary and Rs.14,500/- other Misc. expenses Grand total Rs.1,70,500/- The experience and qualification of our trust. Our trust has been running the aforesaid projects from the year 2010 which are entirely funded by the trust. That, shows that, our trust has been successfully running the said various schemes and programmes. But, it is becoming very difficult to run the said schemes and programmes due to the escalating prices. Hence, it is very necessary to give our trust the financial aid as mentioned hereinabove. Methodology : There are 17 skilled employees serving in the various programmes run by the trust. Our trust is having expertise, experience in the running of the said various schemes and programmes very successfully till today. Our trust wants to increase the said social welfare activities with the help of assistants from the esteemed. Geographic Area : Our trust has been conducting the said schemes and programmes in the slum areas, pre-dominantly in the district of Solapur and the future activities shall also be conducted in the district of Solapur. Funds needed from this esteemed. Rs.12,48,570/-. Hence, we request the Hon’ble Trustees of the Esteemed Trust Aadhar sanstha to oblige us by doing us the favour. Yours faithfully, Shubhangi Jagdish Kalkeri President Aadhar Magarvagiya Mahila Sanstha Solapur.

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