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Majlis Legal Centre is a forum for women's rights discourse and legal initiatives. We are a group of women lawyers and social activists committed to informing, educating and empowering women on their legal rights. Majlis offers legal services, conducts legal awareness trainings, engages in policy level interventions, public campaigns and public interest litigation in order to help women access justice. 

The centre was founded in 1991 by Adv. Flavia Agnes, a women’s rights lawyer and legal scholarto help women and children from marginalized and vulnerable sections access justice through litigation in domestic violence, sexual violence and child sexual abuse. Over the past 25 years, our all-women team of lawyers and social workers have helped over 50,000 women victims of violence. 

About the Campaign :

Shayara was locked up by her husband and not allowed to meet her mother for over two months. During this time she suffered a miscarriage and went into severe depression. When Shayara was rescued we were able to provide immediate professional psychological counselling and also got her admission into a teacher training course. Today Shayara is a confident young girl whose
hopes are restored.

When Amravati Harijan opposed the sexual harassment of her daughter, she was set ablaze by the locality boy. Our crisis intervention fund helped Amravati with immediate medical expenses.

So also when Vidya, a 16 year old girl who was sexually assaulted by her own father decided to pursue the path of justice, she had to leave everything behind. Through our crisis intervention fund we have been supporting Vidya’s education in engineering and housing needs so she can rebuild her life.

Women and children facing violence require immediate and timely services like medical, trauma counseling, shelter, education assistance and any other support. Our crisis intervention fund helps us provide timely support to victims as per their immediate needs. Support our cause and help us giving all the required support to these victims of vioelnce.

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