My mom is suffering from breast cancer and treatment cost is 8 lakhs rupees so please help me.

By Pushpa Gundecha

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Gundecha Pushpa Jeevraj was retiring from all her duties to devote her entire time to her beloved family, catering her grand childrens, which she had to skip due to servicing the fast pace world outside her house.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in India. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women, after lung cancer. The powerful side of the story is that 98% of women who detect breast cancer early survive. Isn’t that something!

Let us all display our solidarity to help Pushpa, a loving mother, faithful wife, grand mother and most importantly a human being, who's searching the catalyst for hope.

Here's the fighter's story in her words -

Hi, my name is Gundecha Pushpa Jeevraj. I am 58 yrs old (Senior Citizen). The time when i realised that i need to retire from my work and need to give my full time service to my family (My Husband, Son, 5 Daughters and there 9 Childrens), I encountered this dreadful decease called Breast Cancer.

Daignosis - Carcinoma (LT) Breast Post MRM. Grade - 3.The treatment advised is Chemotherapy and Chemoport Insertion 6 Cycles Every 21 Days. 1 Year Targetted.

Commencement of the Treatment - 15th March 2017Date of complition - 31st March 2018 (Approx)Approx Expenditure - 8,00,000 (INR)  All the funds shall be utilized for my specialized treatment for the next 12 Months.

(I am NOT beneficiary under Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana)

Treatment Hospital - Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital / M.N. Budhrani Cancer Institue.

I am honestly terrified because no one expects to get cancer at any age. There was no genetic history of cancer in my family.  As a mother, my heart goes out to my family and especially to all my grandchildren and it is my only wish to see them grow into fine young adults.

My family, especially my only son Nilesh, 28 years old, working as Transport Worker, is currently working really hard to cover my medical expenses however the treatment is extremely expensive. I am seeking your prayers for my recovery and any assistance you can provide financially that will go towards paying for my medical treatment so I can come out of breast cancer victorious and live rest of my life healthy enough to see my grand children growing and giving them the love and affection any elderly person is supposed to give to their family.

Treating Dr. Manish Bhatia - Surgical Oncologist at Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital / M.N. Budhrani Cancer Institute, strongly believes that Pushpa’s disease is potentially curable. This has brought hope to the family but has also put their aspirations for the future on hold.

FAQs, For further transparency my medical document is attached herewith for your esteemed information, perusal and further necessary actions.

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