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By Kanwalpreet Kaur

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Hello Everyone,

I am Kanwalpreet Kaur, daughter of Sharan Kaur. My wonderful and brave mother has been battling Hepatitis C for a long time. In 1984, she had a caesarean section for giving birth to me and my brother, internal bleeder was left due to doctor negligence and she has transfused 10 units of blood when there was no screening for hepatitis infection. We thought everything was fine until about 6 years ago when she started developing spots on her feet. It was then that the doctors had her blood check up for viral infection and she came out to be hepatitis C positive. They told us it was that tainted transfusion which exposed her to the virus.

Unknown to everyone, and due to human error, my mother had her own life endangered while giving us ours.

Her condition has been deteriorating ever since.

After the diagnosis, even though she was put on three different medicines, she relapsed. Last year, in October,  they found cancer cells in her liver twice. First in January and then in October for which had to undergo RFA treatment twice. This burned her cancer cells but the doctors warned that if it returned, it would metastasize, and she wouldn’t survive for even a month.

Her liver is now cirrhotic, and recently she suffered a pleural effusion where 6.5 liters of fluid had to be extracted from her chest, and all the complications are slowly taking my mother away from me.  Doctors have said that her complications will go away but only if she gets a new liver.

It is hard for me to write this in a composed manner but I feel it necessary to put forward every little detail so that everyone can see my mother's struggle. She is the kindest person I know, and everything I am today is because of her infinite devotion and love. It breaks my heart to see her suffer so much. My mother needs all of your support, prayers, and love to overcome this crushing situation. Her surgery costs 25-30 lakhs, but we are not looking for all of it through our fundraiser. We have met as much of it as we can by exhausting our savings but we are still coming shortly. My parents are both doctors but since my mother hasn’t been able to work for the past 2 years, we have been surviving on my father’s salary. Even my brother had to put his education on hold.

But through your kind support, my mother can overcome this situation. Every little contribution is deeply appreciated. Also, I would urge you to spread the word and share this story, so we can get as much help as we can.Finally, a big Thank You to everyone who has stood by us, helped us, and has contributed along with many others who have shown interest in helping us out.  We will be grateful to you!

Thank You and May God bless.

With love,


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