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When I close my eyes I imagine a school, which is a safe place for the kids, where kids are joyful owners of their knowledge, learning and potential responsible citizens of the society. I am Arun Sharma, a Teach for India Fellow. I teach 44 kids in Shahpur, Ahmedabad in a school run by the Ahmedabad Municipality Corporation (AMC). My 5th graders are immensely eager to learn and can do anything if provided an opportunity to explore this world full of possibilities. It is saddening that the sole purpose of the education system has shifted towards getting high scores resulting in an unhealthy competition. All these thoughts push me, as a fellow, to think about my role during the fellowship and after it.

My kids come from a community that suffers from major hygiene issues. There is garbage all over the place and open defecation is rampant. Things like a clean school toilet and safe drinking water, which we took for granted, are not available to these kids. It directly effects the education of the children as they or their family members often fall sick. Most of the students are first generation learners in their family and therefore their parents have low awareness about the importance of education or the investments they have to make to provide them with opportunities. 

Since hygiene is a dire issue in the community I have constantly focused on the importance of cleanliness and proper sanitation for a healthy physical and mental growth during my first year of fellowship. I prepared my kids to take actions towards self and surrounding hygiene both inside and outside the school.

Our school needs a proper toilet facility for the children, separate for boys and girls. We need a continuous water supply for the toilets. We also need to provide safe drinking water for children, since it is absolutely missing from our school. Ahmedabad is usually hot and dry, therefore, drinking water is an immediate concern. This is where you can contribute in providing around 800 students a safe environment for learning.

Your help will provide basic everyday needs to the kids which will nurture them and take them a step closer to a brighter and a healthier future. Don’t be hesitant about the amount of donation. After all, what matters is the effort.

 I want to raise Rs. 100,000 to build a toilet, a safe drinking water facility, and books for the school.

I thank you in advance for your effort in helping us make our school better.

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