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I'm Pranjal Gupta, raising funds for my cousin Mukesh Kumar Gupta, a 44-year-old man from Jhansi, UP. 

He's been suffering with Hepatitis B, a liver disease passed to him from his mother.Around 9+ years back, he used to suffer with digestive problems, and after several checkups at SPGI Lucknow, he was diagnosed with Hepatitis-B  followed by Cirrhosis.

Over time, medication was greatly helpful for him, which controlled his early stage of Cirrhosis. But since April 2017, it was diagnosed that his cirrhosis had reached to an end stage, resulting Ascites and he's also now suffering with Hernia.

In the month of November, we consulted many Hospitals in Delhi, including ILBS, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, BLK Super Speciality Hospital and even AIIMS. They all suggested for an imminent Liver transplant, which is the only option left as life saving treatment.

But, starting from December 1st 2017, he became seriously ill, and we admitted him in ILBS Delhi. Since last 10 days, he's under critical care, but nothing helps. The situation got worse since last week, when he started vomiting blood, and is also passing blood in his stools, because of oesophageal varices.

Therefore, he's also going through, Blood transfusion and he's been transfused with over 7 units of blood, so far. It's so disheartening to see him in this state of extreme helpless, he has a family of three (his wife Mamta and a 8-year-old son, Lakshya) and the sole bread earner in his family. His mother died due to the same Liver Cirrohis condition, back in 2000. While, his father died out of Heart attack in 2010.

Leaving him with nothing, except loads of medical bills, which he paid by borrowing money from his friends/relatives and over time he cleared all the dues. He used to work as an accountant at a local computer centre but, due to poor health he failed to continue his job, and since last 2 months, his family has no earning source.

As according to the Bill estimation for Liver Transplantation it's estimated at Rs. 17,60,000.

11,50,000 (for Liver transplantation procedure)

2,50,000 (for pre-transplant evaluation)

3,60,000 or 60,000/month (for first year post transplant cost)

By no means, he have this much amount of money to pay for his entire Liver Transplant cost, as he had already spent all his little savings in paying his medical bills so far.

I believe, no human should deserve this level of rejection from life, alone he suffered from countless problems but, he always managed to have a smile on his face. I know alone, we can never save his life, but together with you all, I'm sure we can help grant him, his second life.

It's my humble request, even if you can't afford to help with money, still you can share this fundraiser with all your friends and family.

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