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MSTQ Human Development Foundation is silently working on people transformations through a Helpline for Emotional Well-Being for more than 3 years now.  We offer Life Coaching, Counselling, Group sessions, Women Empowerment Programs, Family Counselling to help people lead a happier life.  We Founder Trustees - Vidya Yedavalli and Ranganath Iyengar are raising funds to build a Learners Community called 'Commit2Learn'. 

What is Commit2Learn Project?

This initiative is about inculcating Continuous Learning in the people for the uplifting the quality of life and their growth. The root cause of many problems in life is the inability to shift our mindset. If one is open to learn, anything can be changed in life. Hence we believe getting people to commit to learn can resolve a lot of problems in the spheres of finance, relationships, health, work and many other aspects of life. We will cater to any committed learner who wants to work on oneself and change his/her life for the good.


We are putting together a learning platform with a Helpline, App, e-learning, Webinars, Counselors and Workshops. They will be integrated for Life Skills / Personal Development catering to all age groups from 16 and above spread over PAN India. We will be using technology and face to face interventions to make the impact. We will be enrolling the experts on our platform and creating various programs for the users. The users can learn and interact with the experts. 


This will have multi-fold benefit in people's life of overcoming the fears and insecurities, taking charge of their lives and creating happiness for self and others.

We are L&D Professionals with over 25+ years of industry experience and Entrepreneurs. We are working with a committed team for this project for more than 5 years. We need support for build the technology and reach out to the end users. 

Please help us for this noble cause of empowering people and serving them by contributing towards this project or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family!

We are grateful for your help!

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