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My name is K.Arun and I am raising funds for build a set up with latest cyber knife radiation treatment for the poor.This technology increase the life span of a cancer patient without pain and hair loss.Unfortunately there is only one hospital having this technology which can,t reached ( Expensive) by the poor.It's hurts me much and as a solution I planed to do it mself in my district.It,s a multi crore project and I have a plan to achive it by compound investment by which the project can get kick started in 3-4 years.I beleive that there are three worst things in life.1.Poverty in young age. 2.Lonelyness in old age.3.Desease in Poverty.I again beleive that Desease in Poverty is the worstest ever.So I planned for this project as a initiative.I am working since last 2 years at the back end.As a start I need Rs.1000000.00 which is invested by best strategy and compounding the same for 3-4 years to get the enough yield to start the project and running it.As a humen being its my project of Duty.So kindly help in this regard to create a new rule of humanity.

I am grateful for your help!


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