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let's add life's into lives... let's make it possible ... let''s do it .
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Help Me to Raise Funds For An Environmental Project - story -7

Hello Dear Readers,

As we are seeing our Globe temperature is increasing day by day ,because of increasing in pollution .As we know India has been inked in top 20 most polluted countries and our most prominent states and union territories like Delhi , Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh states are major pollution creating states.

Help Me to Raise Funds For An Environmental Project - story -2This is an alarming situation ,This is a wake-up call....we have to wake-up now and we have to save our environment .Dear readers, I have made a pollution control device ...which can reduce vehicle pollution and avoid dispersion into environment .This device is logically and scientifically sound and I want to take trials and observations ,Before bringing it in public domain.

So please help to raise funds for nation, for environment .Remember your single rupee contribution means a lot for keep donating to us...for Good cause....If you have any Query or doubts or know more about my project.

Please send me your valuable feed backs on my email id ...It would help to improve our fund raising campaign.

  • Why We are doing this ?
  • Surely a great question....Everyone would like to ask why you are doing it....I would like to say ,It is dedicated to you my dear’s all for you...For Social ,For Our Nature ,For Our Earth, For New Generation ,For Our Family ,For Nation....and of course for Me.... 
  • How we will do it ? We have made a proper planning and execution procedure for each and every stage to get better results and better observations during trials. Our Expert ,Enthusiastic team and proper     co-ordination will simplified all the hurdles .Surely we will achieve the target. We are positive but if in case any problem arises; we are capable to handle it.
  • How We will spend your money ?
  • Dear donator your money is going to be in safe hands, we are registered and verified on this platform .Your donation going to be used in a very much planned way to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Your money would be used in instrument manufacturing, sophisticated instrument purchasing which are needed for trials,pollution meters, vehicles hiring, training.We will also distribute device to public for           better trials and feedback.
  • We having committed,dedicated and well qualified team.Definitely we would give better results and we will achieve our targets. Believe us and keep faith on us, our target is not to grow money, our target is to   grow faith and create sensitivity towards the Environment. We believe and want add life’s into lives.
  • It’s a human welfare cause, please participate in this campaign do not run from your responsibilities .We are daring to do it with courage ...Please pay your part....Not just by money ...By action also....Be sensitive.
  • keep posting and keep donating for good Cause.... keep smiling.

Help Me to Raise Funds For An Environmental Project - story -1


Thanks to read me...


Umar Hayat Khan


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