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When our team was traveling to delhi, we noticed  a scene which explains a life style of slum. then we made a study on that and came to know that they don't have a good home to live. so the peoples were living in a place where it filled with a lot of waste. 

From there we took a decision to be a Helping hand for those who don't have a home. Then we made a study in our state and came to meet a lot of people those are not having a shelter.  


  During this we came to meet a man nearly age 60 and he was sitting in a corner of the street . we talked to him and came to know that he was not having a shelter to live. an no food to eat as he was starving, he asked for food, we gave him food , but there were a lot of people without a shelter and food. We were not having fund to help them . we  have seen a lot of people in the same situations. some of the sights were more drastic which we cant even imagine. Then i thought "why god created them like this, without shelter without food, why god did like this." After a short time my mind made a re-think " Why god created me without any problems" and i found the answer "Its to help the other who are struggling,who are suffering.. To feed them to help them. and we made a decision to be their helping hands.


Not only me, there are so many people with kind heart helping people like this, but still there are more people doesn't know how to help them or what to do for them . They are ready to help but they don,t have a platform for this or some time they may have get misguides. we are here to help the people , A helping hand of god. and Of-course you can be a part with us. Your Contributions will make you a part with us. not only your contributions all your help and prayers will make you a part of us. 

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