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By Arka Narayan Biswas

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Need fund for start a small business

I am Arka Narayan Biswas, from a little village named Guptipara. I will attach full address proof. I am now 33 years old. When I was in class 4, I observed doubled vision in my eyes. But I was unable to explain that to my parent.  I told them, I see more. They laughed. When I was in class 5, I feel a strong headache. But anyone not believes, they say that I want to avoid my study. But double vision is more problematic. All book lines are getting mixed up each other. While riding cycle it is more dangerous. Because all things are doubled. Now my headache is unmanageable. My parents now understand my condition. I have to take 4 pain killer daily. My eyes are getting blind now. I was in class7. I visit famous eye specialist in Kolkata. He advised scanning. After CT scan he said that I have the brain tumour. That was lemon sized in that time. So advised to operate it. So we go to Delhi to operate the tuner. Asia's best doctor operate my brain. After 21 days he advised to back Kolkata and said to check up after 2 months. After 2 months all was good. I can see better now. But when I back for a checkup after 2 years. And doctor advised operating again. He sends up to gamma ray surgeon. I was in class 10. Gama ray surgeon observes me and said that I am not growing like a man. And he said that this is not an operation case. This could be managed with only mèdicine. Because it was not a tumour but a clothing of prolactin hormone. So he advised to visit an endocrinologist & file a case against Dr who operate my brain because he knows that it could be manageable with medicine. But now my pituitary gland is damaged and my right eye also. Then I visit famous endocrinologist in Kolkata. But after giving the high dose of medicine prolactin is increase high. Now my prolactin is 1500+ and the normal range is below 19. And for women 350 is high during pregnancy. Then I go to Vellore. My eyes were blind again. In Vellore doctor change my medicine. And after that, i am in moderate condition. My father is a critical financial condition for my medicine. My MRI scan each after 2 months. Perimetry test. Injection twice a month. So we are really in bad condition. I am 80% handicapped.  So we want to start a clothing business for the bettet living. I will blessings from you. All documents I attached.

1) Who is the money for? ARKA NARAYAN BISWAS

2) What will the money be used for? START A SMALL BUSINESS.

3) Why are you asking for money? OUR FINANCIAL CONDITION IS TOO BAD.







Thanking you
Arka Narayan Biswas



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