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Doing my Masters Degree Graduation, I joined this entertainment media not willing to go for any salaried official jobs. It is a kind of powerful social service how I describe proudly. An entertaining film can give maximum relief instantly for all kinds of pain of the human beings. So many people transformed by cultivating great messages of movies. And moreover a movie can maintain the life hundreds of families. If a film production is started, it will feed many hungers for several days. 

Hence through such powerful media I wish to serve the people by providing ethical, healthy. noble. energy through my movies. 

My dedication, My Devotion and My passion in my lovely profession kept my family members in starvation. Facing so many obstacles inside the family,  I am struggling alone to do something extraordinary / remarkable in my lovely profession.  I believe that through this achievement definitely my family problems will be solved.  Patience is my weapon.  

on my journey now I got a very beautiful subject which has a global message.  This I wanted to do to reachb OSCAR.  

your help and support is very necessary for me.  please join hands with me. Your help will be food for many. 


I am Rajshekar - a freelance film writer - director serving in this entertainment industry since 3decades. Directed several Tv shows and 4 movies in regional language, Gifted few talented technicians and artists through my movies. I scripted nearly 1000 film censor scripts, translated several south indian language films in to Kannada. And also I am doing most of the document preparation works for film productions. A senior tamil writer, who is very close to me since a decade, shared a very interesting thought 5 years ago. It made me wonder at its first hearing itself. We studied on the subject practically, and discussed thoroughly then penned it and then printed and published it in original tamil language. The subject has a strong message on global humanity. KILL ENMITY, LIVE IN HUMANITY is the theme under current. Is this dream comes true? How? Is in the climax. Since it has global message, I am planning to make this film in Hindi language and try to enter OSCAR. Be part with. Let us work together. Awake Arise Achieve. Every individual donors will be suitably rewarded. My hearty salutations to you all.

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