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The hero’s father (PRABHU), he is well followed by thesentence, In life should be well reader and should be a Good traveller inlife, it was dream too. But due to his life difficulties and problems he pledgeall his life span for serving home and caring his family members, wife, children'setc and now he's aged one. So he used to say always to his son, beforegetting aged once have a good  journey in your life, travel theworld,  you see the different kind of  lifestyles and you see the another world of  living life, I have not seen  the world,at least being my son  you fulfill my dreams.

The hero VENKATESH (venki), he is full fledge of his work,office, home, party, pub, bar enjoying with friend etc. He's use to it and he'shappy with it and leading life, daily in home his father used to say about tostart journey, so many times they both have quarrel for this topic, at last onefine day his son decided to leave home to start journey, his plan waslet's stay in Friend home for 15 days and coming back from there let's lie to father that I have gone for journey.

He left house and he reach his friend’s home, he stayed for2 days there due to some uncomfortable nature in his friend’s home and someproblem, he  has to leave that  place, actually there he starts thejourney of  his life and things he faceswhile doing journey and learning the value of life while traveling, finally he says journey is more important todiscover of our life 


1) To complete this project it cost around 55 lakhs ( FIFTYFIVE LAKHS ),we are looking producers and  also looking for share investerto produce this projects. and all share investors have individual agreementsand respect document  to being a part of this project.

2) There is equal Rights to all producers ,who areinvestors of this project .

3) The person who are investing to project , are consideras producer of film ,and there names will be in producers ,and reflecting therenames in banner and as well as in producers list .

4)These all responsibility taken by the Director of thisfilm , with he's absence , producers have no Rights to discuss of projectin  publicity , any promotion, and any other development is not allowed

5) From the tittle of this project and story , script allthis copyright  under Director , producers have no Rights in it.

6) The project comes underprofit ,loss will be equal share to all producers with there respect investmentdocuments providing they can take there share amount.


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