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My name is, Srinivas Gokulnath. I am an Ultra-endurance cyclist since 2009. An Ultra-endurance cyclist is one who cycles more than 200km at a stretch. I am also a medical doctor specializing in Aviation Medicine with Indian Armed Forces. I have participated in numerous cycling events. I hold a record for cycling 4000 km (Leh to Kanyakumari) in 15 days and 22 hrs and have a mention of this in the ‘LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS’.


My interest in cycling: 

My interest in cycling began in childhood as that was the means of commuting and the means of exploration. In 2009 due to the influence of the healthy cycling community in Bangalore, I picked up ultra-cycling there and was self exploring by pushing  my limits.


RAAM - Race Across America

I am excited to share that I am India’s first official solo finisher in the "Race Across America 2017" - - and have finished 7th overall in this category. (Solo 30-49yrs). It is a matter of pride for me that I could do this for my country!

The "Race Across America" is the world’s toughest ultra-cycling endurance race in the world. One has to cycle a total distance of more than 5000 km in just 12 days. That is 450 km per day! One has to ride as low as 170 feet below and as high as 10,000 feet above the sea level. The elevation range exceeds 170,000 feet. One rides through 12 states of the USA. One has to to endure temperatures in the day as high as 100 degrees and nearly freezing nights.

I had earlier participated in Race Across America 2016 and cycled 2450 miles in 11 days. (as I was short of 24 hours, it was a big learning curve, it helped understand the race better )

Race Across Europe

This June 2018, I will be participating in an Ultracycling race , The Race Across Europe - - is a race that involves cycling 4900 km starting from Boulogne sur Mer (France) and crossing 7 countries (France, Gremany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Gibraltar) and ending at Tarifa (Spain). I really wish to make my country proud once more! If sportsmen from other sports - cricket - both ladies and men, hockey, and more can bring glory to India, cyclists need to catch up too!! And if I have done it once, I must do it again.

Let us work together in getting India a New Laurel

While I can do the cycling part of RAE, there is a lot of support I need, and several of us could work together towards India getting this new Laurel. There are monetary and non-monetary elements.

Monetary: The total cost for participating in the race is around Rs 15 lakhs. This includes Air tickets for the rider and a ten member crew, hotel stays for all, three support vehicles and the various Bike accessories.

Non-monetary - Publicity and good wishes. Do start by sharing this project through Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Help me get enough collective good wishes to do my part - the actual cycling - with full steam.

Let our whole country contribute towards one more sports glory we could get. Looking forward for your support in achieving my dream and of course - bringing laurels to the whole country in Ultracycling.


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