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My name is Raajeshwari Singh Raghuvanshi and I am raising funds for elderly street vendors who struggle in their everyday life to earn money. While we purchase expensive things from shopping malls without blinking an eye, we tend to negotiate to the core with these street vendors. I have seen this happening every now & then but what really pinched me lately while i was vacationing was this  incident:

 An elderly man in his 70's, plus 75 in fact, sitting at the roadside carving and sculpting a beautiful statue out of  rock was being vituperated just because he could not afford to go down on rate. That statue was worth thousands but he was selling it in mere 250 bucks(INR). The buyers looked pretty affluent and were trying to negotiate, when he did not they started vituperating him. He was quiet. Did not say a word. A feeble elderly man couldn't have done much anyway. I was watching all of this from a distance. I felt bad. I know the same family would have bought the same statue in 1000's from any shopping mall but they did not want to give 250 bucks to this elderly person.  when the family went away i reached out to this old marble sculpture and asked him - "Dadaji, kitna time laga apko itni khoobsurat statue banana mein?" (how much time did you take to make this marvellous statue)  He said - "beta teen din laga ye wala statue banane main"( this one i took around 3 days). lekin samay ki sima nahi hoti sab nirbhar karta hai kitna bada statue hai our kitna mahin kaam hai"(Generally, Time depends  on the size and the intricate design) 

I was appalled, so much work for just 250 bucks.  I sat  with him for an hour understanding his day to day routine over a cup of thella wala chai & Matthi.  He told me his story of everyday struggle. His life his family. He was very candid during our conversation  & I wanted him to open up as much as he can.  Listening to his story and couple of other experience which i have heard from these elderly street vendors in my past esp during my vacation, I was sure that i needed to do something for these people. They deserve a better life. They work hard for it. They do not beg. And  if we have monies to provide them atleast the basic requirements of life  we should. At least I am hung up on this and I will. 

I would require more than the mentioned goal amount to help them but I would like to start somewhere. Please help me raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and/or sharing this fundraiser with family and friends.

If you want to discuss further on this before donating you can contact me at -

I  am  grateful for your help!

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