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I am Abhishek Panwar, did MCA in 2013 and after that did job for about 2 year as an IT HR in US staffing firms. I am into music from my childhood playing guitar from six standard of my education. After pursuing education as per my parent's directions in IT field and after doing job for two years I realized that I should pursue my dream job as a musician. Now m doing music from about 7-8 years but never got opportunity to learn the skills in desired manner from a good Institute so that I could get a job in a good Film production house (because they need certification more than talent). I myself could not invest this much money in learning a new trade (Music production, mixing and mastering). Now  I am working as a freelance music Producer from last 7 years and wants to continue with music production, mixing and mastering only.

It's a request to you all please help me raising Rs. 5,00,000 for my Sound Engineering Diplomaso that I could pursue my dream job and give my best to the creative industry.

I'll be very glad for this act of kindness!

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