Help me raise funds for my logistics Operations so that I support myself with dignity.

By VImal Sarin

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For over two years now I have been trying to establish a business to support myself and at the same time provide employment to truckers and a few youngsters. Since getting employment was out of the question, because of my age, the only option left was to do something that would let me support myself and not end up being a burden on society or my daughters.

I got an opportunity when a major steel manufacturer assured me of all the help I needed to become self sufficient. To this end the Directors of the organisation have assured me that all the trucks I provide would be first to be loaded. This in effect meant that any trucks I own would be able to generate a net profit of approximately INR 40K per month. Further they would enable me to provide employment to 03 people per truck.

As of now I have found support from a transporter who is willing to provide me with my first truck for which he would stand guarantee with the financing agency. I now need to generate at least INR 500K for the first two months of operations. This fund raiser has been started to this end.

I am hoping that apart from my friends people would step up and help out with donations to help me reach my goal.No amount would be too small. In case of large donors I would be willing to promise a return in terms of a donation to a charity of their choice at the end of the first year of operations.

Thanking all of you who help either in cash or with wishes to help this venture.

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