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My name is Shrinkhla Srivastava and I am raising funds for my education. 

I have always been a grade A student, scoring top  marks in my class 10th and 12th exams. I am passionate about fashion design and currently pursuing my creative course from the Indian Institute of Crafts & Design,  one of the leading arts and  design colleges in India. My Bachelor in Design is a four year course and I have already started my first year thanks to the generosity by my family and friends. Once I complete my course I plan to work at a design studio and develop my portfolio, acquire the necessary skills and experience before eventually starting my own line. 

As the daughter of a widowed mother, (That's me and my mom above), I realize the value of hard work, a proper education and the importance of community building. Though not financially, I do contribute my time towards community efforts and help as a volunteer in local events and orphanages. 

By contributing to my fees, you will lightened my financial burden and allow me to fully focus on my school and learning. 

Thank you,


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