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Help me raise funds for implementing my innovations in dev. - story -1Renewable energy source model or the appropriate technology model i.e.  Cosmic Energy Pump Lab model with bullocks and the commercial model innovated by H C Sirohi to be used for the road side horticulture experiment to lift water from the large urban drains which would be manually run by the beneficiaries as the water for the horticulture crops will be full of organic fertilizer. This will reduce the cropping cost on irrigation.Help me raise funds for implementing my innovations in dev. - story -3Help me raise funds for implementing my innovations in dev. - story -2

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About 25 odd schemes of welfare announced by the government, which include wage earning schemes also, can ensure locally an average cash flow of about Rs.8000/- per month to the family living below starvation line (BSL, my own terminology of measuring level of starvation, not only the poverty). Now, even this income, if ensured regularly, cannot break the vicious relationship between the daily wage and the daily meal. Hence, there is a need to inject an assured additional income of Rs.22000/- per month (to make it Rs.1000/- per day) to the family to pull it out from the BSL. The family needs to think about raising further income which can bring it between the bracket of BSL and BPL. Once the family crosses the Below Poverty Line (BPL) and above poverty line (APL) bracket; it can think of planning new strategies to live a normal life with minimum comforts and dare go for new and risky options of regularly, respectfully, locally earning money with the government help. Hence, the strategic options for a family living below starvation line are very limited, or almost about zero, until and unless the family is supported by external aid system initially and then simultaneously provided an additional assured income source after skill up-gradation. The role of intervention through skill up-gradation will start at a much later stage. A family living below starvation line does not understand the terminologies of development, and to make them understand these, one will have to do a hard work in making the family receptive of normal civilized world’s ideas. This process takes a long time and requires sustained and patient efforts. Then in due course, the family can be told to earn for itself, read newspapers, watch TVs, go to the training institutes for new avenues and enter in to an organised development system. Only then the family will be able to have strategic partnership with the outside world actors. But, this can only be done by making them understand to work in homogeneous groups. After a minimum gestation period, the working community should not remain as a loose group, but it should become a cohesive legal entity by forming a cooperative. Then they should concentrate on acquiring skills to increase/multiply their incomes. However, as a positive sign, the State is seeing a ray of hope through the government interventions in majority of human activities. Since, the government is playing a proactive role in reshaping the socio-economic lives of the people, so the government’s role needs to be supported by one and all. Precisely, with this aim this Institute is visualizing intervening and supporting this socio-economic move of the State. To achieve its objectives in a more realistic manner, this NGO type Institution is making its basis many projects enunciated by me in the past with my own vision and direction as a student of development, and my new philosophy expressed through the ‘Community Lead Model’. My philosophy, and the success of my projects taken up under government initiatives, had galvanized the landed and the landless to participate in the intended socio-economic change. As a retired officer now I need money for identifying BSL families by randomly going to the poorest hutments and taking their social photography and making records of their present socio-economic condition. Then forming informal groups with 20 members each to take roadside horticulture projects to make the cities beautiful as also earn money from the usufructs of the horticulture experiment. Similarly I had innovated pure bamboo tiles and other construction products like bamboo doors and windows, wall paneling etc. which need to be manufactured commercially and in course training the carpenters to upgrade skills to multiply their incomes manifold. Initially these two innovative schemes will be taken up and then it is hoped that the outcome of these initiatives will fetch many more socio-economic development activities. When I start receiving money I will start my Institute in Faridabad with an aim to work in the NCR of Greater Delhi with my staunch supporters and committed AAS group workers (who are not rich enough to donate their day's labour, so they are also paid their wages for the work they do). All donors will be invited to conduct social audit of my innovations and all will be welcomed to extend support to the mission.  

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