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My name is Dhrubajyoti kakati and I am raising funds for our upcoming agri e-commerce KrixomNET . This initiative is about an agri e-commerce startup i.e Krixomnet which was founded by four friends DHRUBAJYOTI KAKATI, MANASH PRATIM CHETIA, SUBHAJIT KHOUND & LAKHYAJIT KALITA to promote the agri e-commerce in the North East India region which is not presentat the current time but has lots of potential to be leading factor to promote socio economic development along with establishment of strong connections of producers of the North East Indian region with rest of India. Due to involvement of middleman the producers and consumers are deprived of the de facto price they should be paying for various agriculture commodities. Being agriculture students the first three namely Dhrubajyoti, Manash, Subhajit feltthe need of an agri e-commerce to facilitate and remove the hindrances of agricultural marketing and joined hands with Lakhyajit for the said cause. I am a former child scientist of Assam and state level debater. Recently working for science popularity- Founder of first Assamese science newspaper HARITKONA, innovation with 7 innovation and motivation along with entrepreneurship. Awarded with 100 top young leaders of India by Indian Youth Forum, Student Product Innovator of Assam in 2017 by All Assam Entrepreneur Association, Leadership Award by The Assam News etc. Now,i am a student ofBiswanath College of Agriculture pursuing B. Sc (Agri) which is a four years professional course provided by Assam Agricultural University(AAU) under Indian Council Of Agricultural Research (ICAR).I have been working on innovative strategy and planning, human resource, development, public communication and want to create this for upliftment of agriculture where the producers and consumers are mutually benefited by getting value for the hard work done and price paid for commodities respectively. KrixomNET shall act as the platform for the upliftment of agriculture through e-commerce. With the removal of impact of middleman agriculture shall be revived again. With the advancement of technology man today want everything at their hands and if agri products are approached in a manner where everything is at their doorsteps and they get real value for the price paid one would surely prefer the approach. Why pay higher price for a product when its real value is surpassed much higher or why work hard when you don’t get the price for the work done? KrixomNET shall work with innovative ideas throughout its journey to make things easy for everyone. The impact of e-commerce is not unknown ; its growth and expansion is invariably more than any other sector. Be it on paper or off paper e-commerce is everywhere. So, if agriculture domain is to be uplifted KrixomNET is the solution. We can say so as we have experimented through social media the importance and potential demand of e-commerce in the domain of agriculture. And we can assure you investing in KrixomNET wouldn’t be futile. One may raise the question how can you say that it shall work and the answers to that will be if you haven’t tried a thing how can you say that it won’t work and also we are not some random guys coming up with e-commerce idea. We have studied everything from grass root level and rest assured e-commerce shall create a boom in agriculture. With the emphasis of the Indian Government for further growth and expansion of the core sector of the economy KrixomNET shall invariably be a leader for the change agriculture has been craving for.

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