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By SURENDRA Chityala

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The school has one of the most talented basketball teams in the district and the state of the ground is so poor that its in urgent need of repairs. also the school has some students in whose family they are the first generation to complete Xth class. In association with the Doctors here we have been providing incentives for the students for toping the Xth exams and also in the basketball tournaments. Now we want to help construct a Dias in the school, provide running water supply for the toilets, safe and filtered drinking water for the students. Also if possible we would like to improve the ground and make it usable for various sports will post pics of the school soon


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I am Dr.Surendra and am from a town in Andhra Pradesh called Tadepalligudem

I along with some other doctors of my place want to do something for this particular school, Dr.Kodey VenkatRao Memorial Govt School, as it is named after one of the senior most doctors and the first municipal Chairperson of the town.

The school caters primarily to students from the weaker sections of society, and some of the students studying on this school are the first generation in their families to reach Class X

This school is blessed with a vast play ground which is in neglect and the basket ball court here is in bad shape and need of urgent repairs. The students of this have some outstanding records at district and state level sports competitions in athletics and basketball

we have already got donors locally who are willing to donate upto 100000 and we need the remaining money to get some basic things done in the school.

we intend to construct a small stage where the functions and assembly of the school will be held

we intend to provide with running water for the toilets as now students have to carry water from outside

we also intend to provide safe and continuos supply of purified drinking water which now is supplied in cans and purchased by the school 

we do wish and hope u will help us succeed in this dream in making the school a model school, where students study and play also happily

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