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This is Ananya ,i am fundraising for my organic farming project that i wish to start in India.

The reason i am starting this project is because today we live in an environment that is taking life away from us,we are eating poison  in the name of food and there are many who are out of reach to this food.

The main goal of my project is to help and educate the farmers about the benefits of organic farming ,by setting up a small farm for them and give employment to people .My aim is to travel across India and spread this knowledge.

In this busy world we need to understand how to conserve nature and how to protect ourselves from perishing to the dangers of the pollution that we have caused to the environment.


Please help me raise the fund so that in future we have nutritious food on our plates rather than plastics and supplements.

Protect your environment now it will protect you in future.


Ananya Deo

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