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My name is Suraj I'm right now 21 years old. im basically from Pune but my parents were from Delhi. I was born and bought up in Pune. My parents had a love marriage. My mom was a run away bride. and they were very poor, close to beggars, barely had enough place to sleep. 

                 My life got its turning point in the year 2000 when one guy named Steve picked me from the street and he was from an orphanage called Good Shepherd Homes. My mom and Dad left me there, because it was totally free no charges at all. Although i did not want to go, they left me.

                 Life in orphanage was good. i got all the facilities i couldn't have got on the streets. Good bed, food, clothes, friends, schooling, and many more. i was very happy. i got my parents visit me i summer vacations and holiday times, i remember running and hugging her. believe me it was the best feeling. I would talk with her and, i would not even realize when she left. Always felt like a cool breeze. wish it was there always.

growing up in orphanage i started stealing and fighting and being vulgar. i still feel sorry for the shopkeepers that i stole from. stealing was my best partner every time i used to do it, of which i regret today, i want to tell sorry to them but i don't know how they will take it. but i will do it someday. I was also abused in there by my elders and even i did the same practice with others, of which im very shameful and sorry, wish i can set things back again. 

and as days passed i grew up, and then the sad season of my life turned up when i was in 9th grade. My dad came early in the morning as i was leaving to school and i got the news that my mom passed away. I felt so broken and down. I wanted so much of her in my life. i don`t remember spending time with her. And as for now i dont even remember her face exactly. and she just passed away like memories. I miss her a lot.And i was so sad and broken but the staffs in the organization were very supportive and encouraged me and stood with me. Of which i am very grateful.

                And life gave me another shock right next year when my mom passed away i got news my Dad passed away, I was like What?? it was very shocking and terrifying, i couldn't believe. yes i didn't loved my dad that much but he still was my Dad. And suddenly i felt so lonely and depressed, i was going through a very hard times, and staffs again helped me.

i passed my 10th grade, i did graphic designing, i joined a university called Youth With A Mission and that is the place i experienced the love of lord, i gave him all my troubles and worries, and he looked after me.

And after the school i went back home & was pursuing my higher studies. I went back to the old life as i went away from God. so i decided i need more of God rather than world i did not feel like i was living. 

So here i am doing Biblical studies, away from the worldly things. Being with my father God, who cares and loves melike his son. and that is all i need. 

              And today i have 2 brothers and one sister. My sister is on the verge of getting married, my elder brother is working in Bank and my younger brother is working in company and im here in YWAM. That is why i need you support, to bring a future for my little brother specially and also living here i need funds to clear my fees. right now my support is only my brother but he has his own life and stuff so i was planning and looking for ways to earn funds by myself. So here i am. 

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