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I gently request your support in helping me raise funds to attend the September 2016 Nonviolent Communication  (NVC)  a immersive practice and learning experience.


Discovering NVC in 2013 was a ‘light-bulb moment’ for me, bringing awareness to what I had been searching for – a practice of communication, which brings me into my integrity, supports me to communicate and listen with clarity and honesty, and answers to my longing for possibility of contributing to effective social change.

 I believe that when we are truly able to listen and connect with our inner longings we will begin to practice Mindful design of our environments, and care for our planet from a place of radical self-care and compassion

Following this work, it became of great importance to me that I embody my values so that I may share from my own authenticity – For the past 8years I have focused my energy on deepening my NVC practice, assisting on training, co-cultivating community and providing opportunities for practice A bi-monthly newsletter, creatively celebrating NVC community  place  and joining together people practicing NVC in jaipur my interview in one India one people 

My Vision. 
I envision a world where we cultivate the willingness and skills to work together in collaboration, attend to all of our needs and resolve our differences peacefully.

I feel driven to contribute to social change through holding and supporting people to explore and expand beliefs and relationship dynamics towards living in abundance and nonviolence.

Further, I intend to extend my work exploring ways in which the principles of Nonviolent Communication can support connection with our natural and built environments, towards living in symbiotic relationship with the Earth.

Attending an IIT is an integral step towards becoming a certified trainer, a journey which, for me, embodies commitment towards my own growth in community, extending my network of people committed to visions of similar essence,  towards the cultivation of nonviolence in the world

In total this training, including travel and accommodation will cost 35000  which I have until the end of August to raise.  Contributions towards this of any amount are greatly appreciated.

While I would love to fully support myself in attending this training and answer to my need for independence, your donations will bring me ease in getting the funds together and support my longing to live in a world of mutually-supportive community and interdependence.

If monetary donation is not mutually supportive for you, it would also feed my inspiration, and connection with you to hear what needs it meets to not donate, and how you would like NVC community to support you? 

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