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By Sunayana Chatrapathy

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Dear well wisher,

Thank you so much for your generous support for Makkala Raaga and thank you to those of you who made it to watch the spectacular performance put up by 500 children from government schools, children's homes and also community centers. 

The children put up two shows  - 11 am and 7 pm - both of which were received with great awe and applause. The morning show was graced by the presence of the Principal, secretary, education Shalini Rajneesh IAS and also parents and teachers. The evening show was watched by many well-wishers and general public who wanted to encourage the children!  The audience was awestruck by the magic of the children and choreographer - Janardhana Raj Urs! 

The children showcased the richness in diversity and inclusivity of Karnataka  - right from the philosophers, singers, food and natural richness. 

The journey of the children through this process of preparation, rehearsal, flash mobs, radio interviews and finally performance on the grand stage of Chowdiah has been truly remarkable. Children have truly transformed and their confidence levels have gone up significantly! 

Thank you all for making it happen. Here are some pictures for those who missed it! 

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My name is Sunayana Chatrapathy and I am raising funds for Makkala Raaga - a show that celebrates the talent of children from under-served communities.

I've seen these children up close and they are some of the most talented you will see. 

Sadly, they are deprived of any opportunity to showcase their talent, unless we do something about it.

That's where the idea of bringing them together on a grand stage was born.

Makkala Raaga, which translates to 'Symphony of children', is an ensemble of 500 children who will set the stage on fire as they leap, turn, twist and perform.

These children are supported by Makkala Jagriti, an NGO working towards enhancing the education and well-rounded development of children through our learning centers established in government schools and urban slum communities in Karnataka, India. 

This year, we would like to give these children an opportunity to perform on a grand stage and showcase their talents through Makkala Raaga; mind you they are few of the most talented children you'll see!

We are planning to host this event at the iconic Chowdaiah Memorial Hall in Malleswaram, Bengaluru on  the 2nd of February, 2018.

500 children from many different Makkala Jagriti learning centers will come together and perform in a sensational two hour narrative through dance, drama and music. 

Such an event and platform would also help them build self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills and also collaborative skills.

Support these Super-Talented kids now.. Make their dreams come true!   

Your donation would go towards booking a venue, food, transport, photography, make-up and costumes. 

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