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Today ecommerce distribution world over is increasingly becoming more and more expensive and a big source of pollution. 

I am an innovator in the field of operations and I have built an operating model that not only makes ecommerce deliveries fast (same day) in an optimised manner, meaning more economical but most importantly enables delivering while using minimal fuel and hence helps conserve the environment.

I come from very humble background however my vision is to innovate to change the way things happen in the world to impact people's lives and the environment.

What my innovation does to ecommerce distribution operations is exactly what Henry Ford did to car manufacturing by making something that is complex, needs a lot of capital, is expensive and polluting to something that is easy, needs very little capital, is way more economical and fast and less polluting.

My struggle right now is to showcase my work to the world for which I need to raise the required capital.

If you contribute, you will be contributing to the global development of ecommerce by removing a key impediment and most importantly helping us make the world greener and less polluted. Once launched, my work will allow you to have the comfort of receiving ecommerce goods that you order to your home the very same day and that too free of charge as the cost will be so minimal that e retailers will be happy to absorb it. Also with such deliveries that are greener both because of the innovation and the fact that it saves people a lot of travel otherwise resulting in higher carbon emissions, you'd be making an invaluable contribution to the safe keeping of our mother earth. 

So help me make the world a better place with great returns that would benefit our generations to come.

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