Nayi Roshni: Helping Hand for Blinds

By Kunal Kataria

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Hello everyone ! We have made a working prototype of the belt. The belt can be wore on each of the person's leg. The belt can measure the distance and inform the wearer about the obstacle in form of vibrations. The belt is fully operational, yet real-time testing on a blind person is yet to be done. The pictures showing the prototype have been shown:

Nayi Roshni - A belt made for blind peopleNayi Roshni - Belt workingNayi Roshni - Belt for blind people (prototype)


20 Blind people need your Help!


Blind people have to face difficult situations while dealing with day-to-day tasks. Though, the role of technology come in handy, the high cost and not so effective measures like use of walking cane prove challenging to them. 

Our solution:

 We have developed a Belt which will be updated here by 11th of December. This belt can measure the distance for them all the time and will make them aware of any obstacles in surroundings. That too, just by vibrations as we don't want to suppress their primary senses i.e. hearing.

How it will impact the people

Blinds are the people who have lost one of the primary senses. This project will impact to bring a new vision to blind people. With this technology, the blind people will be able to judge the real time surroundings in a better manner; if anything comes in their proximity, the belt vibrates directionally. 

Non-profit use of the collected money:

Our Goal target is Rs. 22,300, as we wish to donate 20 belts 

Total cost per belt = Rs. 1115

  1. Electronics (including batteries, microcontroller,etc) per belt = Rs. 985
  2. 1 Belt = Rs. 130

Total cost = Rs. 1115 x 20 = Rs. 22,300

Please help us to make the world a better place.

Team Details:

We are a team of students from YMCA university of science and technology, Faridabad. We are looking to work for the welfare of blind people. 


Aishwarya (left), Kunal (center), Mudit (right)

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Kunal Kataria
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NAB(National Association for the Blind) school, Faridabad

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