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By Bodhisatwa Chakravarty

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As this fundraiser draws to an end I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this. I really appreciate the support and I am sure Gaurav's family will appreciate the gesture just as much. Again, I am also personally touched to see old friends coming together for this cause. I wish we had reached the target of 5 Lakhs we had set out because I felt that might not be a difficult goal. Nevertheless, we have reached 70% of our goal amount. This is a great achievement I feel and it was made possible due to the support from all of you. Thank you once again.
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Some of you might already know this, a terrible tragedy struck earlier this week on a day the world celebrates as a day of miracle. Gaurav Singh, who we have all known as a friend, a brother, a colleague, a classmate, a confidant and in many other ways, passed away due to sudden illness leaving behind a daughter, Purvi, who is less than 2yrs old and wife, Maja. I am sure this news comes as a huge shock for all of us and personally, never in my life did I ever expect this day will befall on Gaurav and his family.

With Gaurav gone, Purvi and Maja have been left behind with lot of pain and challenges ahead of them. We cannot take the pain away from them. However, I believe we can help ease the financial challenge a little bit by coming together at this hour of need and contribute to this fund to ensure Purvi gets the education she deserves - the education that will help her become a strong confident woman her father always wished for.

I and my wife, Rohini, have known Gaurav since the age of 5 as we were his classmates at Mother's International School. Some of you probably have known him longer than that. He touched our lives in a very deep way forming a bond which is irreplaceable. I am starting this fund with the strong belief that we all will contribute generously as a small token of our love and friendship in loving memory of Gaurav.

We are grateful for your help!!

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