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We, the team with great enthusiasm and strong determination have started the journey together to reach beyond what we can achieve as individuals, by working together as a young, strong, dedicated and responsible engineers .. who believe can shape the future world into a better place. 

We as a team have started to build our dream project vehicle step by step, and have reached our first yet the most important and promising milestone - The Roll cage .. 

We have chosen the best possible material available at ease which is stronger as Well as affordable that support the requirements of our vehicle - AISI 4130 ( Primary and secondary material )Electrically Powered All-Terrain Vehicle - Team Trident - story -1

Electrically Powered All-Terrain Vehicle - Team Trident - story -2

Electrically Powered All-Terrain Vehicle - Team Trident - story -3

We as as team with the same spirit are thriving for victory and are confident enough to achieve the top spot in the event ... 

We hope you kindly help us reach our goal with your kind donations . 

No donation will go unnoticed . 


We are a team of 25 enthusiastic engineers from GITAM University, Hyderabad Campus. We are working on building an electrically powered all-terrain vehicle.

The Vehicle is for the E-BAJA competition and we have been working for the past year and a half.

E-Baja is a national level competition where we build an electric vehicle that can take on any terrain. The specifications have been provided by the "Society of Automotive Engineers" for the 2018 Competitive Event. The vehicle comes under the category of ‘All-terrain electric light buggy.’ We have designed this vehicle primarily to enter the SAE E-BAJA Competition that is sponsored and held annually by Mahindra & Mahindra at a national level. We are also working on possibilities of bringing this vehicle and technology into the commercial market at some time in the near future as we think there is enough potential.

Our vehicle, the JÄGER is a full electric, 2-Wheel Drive (rear direct drive), single passenger light vehicle designed to perform in extreme terrain and conditions. This competition will grandstand 400 teams. This event allows us an opportunity to show case and test-perform our prototype on SAE-Mahindra’s standardized multi-faceted tracks (rough-terrain and race).

We have passed the initial virtual round of the competition in July, where-in ‘Team TRIDENT’ stood 1st in the country.  We have started on the manufacturing process now. Our confidence in our design, choice of materials, manufacturing methods, and our commitment to adhere to all specifications of the SAE come after a thorough study and considerable home-work done by the Team TRIDENT is excited to navigate through the onslaught of doubts and decision making to come our way for the remaining process of building THE JÄGER.

We seek your interest and support, in any manner you see fit.

For further information - You can contact us via e-mail. 

Team Mail ID - tridentgst25@gmail.com

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