Support Low Income and Govt Secondary School students

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Support to shape the Future of Underprivileged Students!

Support to shape the Future of Underprivileged Students!

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Helping Low Income and Govt Secondary School students
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Low Income and Govt Secondary School students
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Helping Low Income and Govt Secondary School students
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Low Income and Govt Secondary School students


Karmyo Foundation provides Entrepreneurship Education to Secondary School students from Government and low-income private schools, helping them develop essential Life-skills.


Campaign name: “Igniting  1000 dreams”



Today, India is home to a fifth of the world's youth. Youth is it’s most valuable asset as well as its most pressing challenge with the uncertain future it faces. As India undergoes rapid economic, political and technological changes, it becomes essential that we invest in the youth and equip them with the skills that will enable them to navigate a world that is becoming increasingly dynamic and uncertain than ever before. 

We at Karmyo, are doing our bit by equipping young minds between the age of 15-18 years with 21st century life skills through an entrepreneurial approach which is fun, innovative, interactive, practical and most of all

relevant. While there are multiple organisations in the ecosystem working on youth development, Karmyo's focus is on the students who are from low income backgrounds and can benefit the most from our programs and get empowered to dream and also become a part of a community that then fuels those dreams. 

What is this campaign about? 

“Igniting  1000 dreams” is a campaign that invites everyone who believes that youth is no more the future, but the present of our country and needs to be provided a space that nurtures its potential and allows it to dream and then pursue those said dreams. Anyone who supports this campaign as a #DreamCatcher, will be supporting us in providing 1 month of life changing experience through entrepreneurial training to a batch of students from low income backgrounds that tinkers their curiosity & instills confidence to dream along with:

  • an online platform for secondary school students with access to content, cohort based programs etc.
  • Provide a safe environment to express curiosity and have a discussion with fellow students
  • Provide practical opportunities to learn by working in a live environment.

Our goal with this campaign is to reach 1000 students by March 2021. 

With the power of 1~ With a contribution



1 student


1 month long engagement with us,

you can be someone’s  #DreamCatcher

& make it possible for our young minds to be able to dream big and make those dreams come alive by gaining critical life skills, confidence, an entrepreneurial approach along with a life changing experience.


With this, every bit, small or big, counts.  See this story of one of our students and how she and her team came up with an idea and got set to implement it!

How will we use your contribution and why can you trust us?

For the 1-month engagement, the Per Student cost is


which includes 70% of program costs and 30% non program costs with the given breakup:

Program Coordinator (Pedagogy, Fellow recruitment, Fellow training)+Fellow training: 46%

Fundraising+Platform Costs: 19%

Technology (Communication+IT & Admin):13%

Impact Assessment:6%


Strategy & operations:13%

Every contribution you make goes directly to implementing programs for our batches. With Every amount withdrawn, we will be sharing updates with regard to which batch the funds are being utilised for and how along with the impact! 

We are accountable to you, our supporters and will be available to answer any questions.

Further Engagement:

At Karmyo, our supporters are also a big part of our community and we believe in actively engaging our supporters in our process of change. As a #DreamCatcher, we also welcome you to join our bigger community by interacting with our students and/or be an Igniting Dream ambassador! If this is something that calls out to you, please get in touch with us:)


About Karmyo

Why do we exist?

India today is home to a 1/5th of the world's youth. It is also home to more than 10%+ the world's poor. Increasing economic inequalities, uncertain future and changes across the world affects some more than others. While some of us, when we dream, have access to information and resources that help us take calculated risks with confidence, skills and support systems, there are millions of young minds who don’t dare to dream because they cannot believe in the possibility of ever pursuing them.

Dreaming is a universal right, yet a privilege for some.

Karmyo with a focus on SDG 4: ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all believes that access to information & life-skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, decision making, managing failures and communication for the said communities, therefore, become highly essential to instill back the confidence in young minds and renew their ability to dream and take risks with a support system at their back. 

Karmyo, therefore exists to empower young minds from low income communities to make their own life choices and gain critical life skills to pursue their dreams through a month long entrepreneurial journey.

We  work with children across India to enable them to 

  • Develop into holistic and well-rounded individuals
  • Develop critical life skills and 
  • Become Future changemakers & innovators

What do we do?

  • Provide online programs for
  • secondary school students
  • which are cohort based and interactive. 
  • Provide a safe environment to express curiosity and have a discussion with fellow students
  • Provide practical opportunities to learn by working in a live environment.

How do we do it?

  • Create modules/activities which are inquiry-based, discovery-based, discussion-based, art based, analysis based, learner-centered and enjoyable. 
  • Create internship opportunities for secondary school students, which is also in line with NEP 2020. 

Our impact till now

Since its inception in 2015, Karmyo with its philosophy of “yoga of action: Selfless action performed for the benefit of others” has engaged over

10,000+ volunteers to spread awareness about the rapidly evolving social sector and various causes one can volunteer for. We have done this through multiple community events such as Good Graffiti Fests and since 2018 with our flagship programs of entrepreneurial training for students from low income backgrounds with an objective of providing them with 21st century critical life skills as well as providing them with a space that is nurturing and where they can flourish. Over 1500+ students have been directly impacted with our programs and with 20+ active fellows facilitating the process.As a deliverable, our program alumni have also come up with mini-companies.

Help us empower a generation to dream. Help us empower a generation to pursue those dreams. Be a #DreamCatcher. 


Team Karmyo


Touch more lives with your Kindness !