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The baby has finally been operated and is now at home. He is still not completely out of harm’s way. He still has to be observe closely as this initial stage of recovery is very critical.

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Mamata became a mother for the first time on May 13th. Her arms trembled as she held her newborn son. He was crying violently and Mamata held him close to comfort him. The crying didn’t stop and the nurse had to take him away. 

Mamata’s baby boy was having immense difficulty in breathing. They were told that he was born with congenital heart defect. He was immediately taken to the NICU and put on a ventilator. He finally stopped crying.

Mamata is instructed to visit the NICU every two hours to feed her baby. The new mother can’t bear the pain of staying away from her baby and often spends hours sitting outside the NICU watching her baby’s chest rise and fall as he takes long breaths with the help of the ventilator. 

Meanwhile, her husband Avinash is approaching everyone he knows to help him gather funds for treatment. He has to pay Rs. 25,000 per day to keep the treatment going. Avinash is a small DTH operator in Bengaluru and earns Rs. 20,000 per month to support his family. Even after putting in all his savings, he finds it hard to pay the per day amount. 

Seeing his difficulty, his brother stepped in to help him. They have spent Rs. 1.5 lakhs in the last 15 days for the baby’s treatment.

The baby needs an urgent heart surgery to survive but Avinash doesn’t have resources to raise Rs. 4 lakhs needed. He is trying his best to raise the money and your help could make a huge difference.

Meanwhile, Mamata still waits outside the NICU eager to take her baby home. With each passing day, she gets a little more scared for him. Please help these new parents with a kind contribution to save their son.

You can also help them by sharing their story on Facebook and Whatsapp with others. 

Do pray for the little boy.


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