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About the project :


About Cafe Livre and the team

Hello. I am Komal. Me along with my partners Ashutosh and Prachiti want to start a book cafe in Pune. With Ashutosh business strategies, my foresight and Prachiti's expertise we would be aiming nothing less than success.

We want to build a place where everyone feels at home and as soon as one enters, the smell the pleasant espresso and baking of pastries wafts everywhere. A place where one can read, paint, and do crafts. A place where there are no limitations to your imagination whatsoever.

We have a diversity of a collection of books. You can read any book from our amazing literary collection with some sanguine music and authentic coffee. Affordable prices and elegant ambiance for the erudite Indian.

We provide the platform to all those who do not dread taking risks. We have numerous inventive sections on weekend nights such as Movie Screenings, Cosplay Events, Food Fests, Game Sessions, Musical Jams and much more.

The pitch:

Now that we have introduced ourselves and our project, we would like to provide more details about this project.

In Pune, a city full of the millennials, coffee and cafes have become an enterprise of steady revenues and exponential growing market.  Morever, There is an absence of good reading place, the strict library rules are averse to the casual mindset of the erudite millennials. Major chunk of Livre customers falls within the age group of 19 to 30 which accounts for 66% of the overall percentage.The revenue of traditional cafes depends majorly on eaters and a rise or fall in actual eaters (not visitors) affects the revenue directly. Whereas livre’s revenue depends on readers (or visitors) coming to the café. Our journey has already begun backed with a robust business strategy and aggressive market research. We've finalised a place and began work for collecting the setup materials.

The Risk and Challenges:

There are no such risk involved but there are certain challenges that can be overcome with efficient strategy. The pricing is a challenge as customers will be paying per day fee. So deciding a fee such that it helps the revenue but also doesn't push customers way is important. 

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