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Kolkata City Mission conducts mega medical camp every year and its subsequent monthly follow-up clinics throughout the year in the slum areas. This provides great relief to the sick and poor people. The poor are always suffering. Even though their pain is much they seldom go to a physician because they are not in a financial state to pay the doctor’s fee and for the medicine. So in the slums, where Kolkata City Mission is working, people are looking for a free medical camp every year. Please do read some of the testimonies from the camp fields.  

 A middle aged man in Durganagar slum was brought by his son to our Medical Camp 2016. His condition was severe. He had a skin infection in 2013. It had taken around two years to get cured completely. But, this time he had another infection in his feet. Since, he had delayed in getting medical treatment due to lack of monitory help the infection had spread and caused great tribulation to the patient.  When our doctors learnt about his problem and medical history they immediately treated him and referred to get an admission in local government hospital for further treatment and follow-up. He was in the hospital for fifteen days.  At the Government hospital the doctors told him that he got right treatment from the medical camp that was helpful to continue his treatment. After a week and a half we went back to find out how his health was. The moment our follow-up team had arrived his hut he broke in tears saying, “I have received a new life because of your doctor’s treatment that I have received on time.” He was completely restored.   Durga (name changed), living in the Noapara slum community, was suffering from a tumour on her forehead for while. She consulted several doctors to remove that small tumour but the small operation charges which they were quoting was too much for this poor women to pay and get treated. Since she did not have money there was no other choice than to suffer with it. With a lot of worry she came to medical camp. One of our doctors attending her asked if she would like to go through a minor surgery to remove the tumour. She was afraid that we will charge her. So in reply she said, “I don’t have any money to pay for surgery if you do it”. We really felt pity on this and informed that we will do the procedure free of cost, which was hard for her to believe. She immediately brought her family to the clinic to support her while the minor surgery was taking place. Our doctors conducted that minor surgery to remove the tumour from her forehead.  She was very happy to walk back home with a lot of joy. Few days later when our follow-up team reached her place she was having no words to express her gratitude toward us for conducting this medical camp and she said, “More than anybody else I am benefitted from this medical camp.”  A man from rural areas in Midnapore, who was suffering from back pain for a long time, had come to the medical camp. The doctors referred him to attend our Physiotherapy department where he was given a proper therapy and supplied with required medicines for pain relief.  This man was waiting for next medical camp to come. The following year he brought number of people from his village to our medical camp for treating back pain. People are feeling relieved with our constant yearly medical camps being conducted in slums and rural areas.  Although we have added only few testimonies here we have a lot more testimonies from the fields. Among the poor people health is much neglected because of lack of financial support. This why, they cannot go to a doctor or a hospital. They do not know what sort of bill that they will end up in paying. Helplessly many people give up hope of having a good treatment. Medical treatments often lead poor people to death. Through the medical camps we may not be able to treat all diseases or address everyone’s medical need, but, we are sure we will be able to touch and heal many lives. We request all our good donors to stand with us and support us for successful medical camp every year and for clinics, in every slum where Kolkata City Mission is working, every month to follow up with the medical camp.


The medical camp will help the poor in the slum and rural communities in Kolkata, and provide poor people access to their medical needs. Free health check up, medical treatment and supply of medicine will help people to have a good health.

There is a greater need for medical care to be addressed in slum areas in Kolkata . In response to this need, Kolkata City Mission decided to organize a medical camp every year. In 2011 they hosted their first medical camp for the poor and suffering in the slum communities in which they had been working. The camps resulted in people experiencing relief from their diseases and ongoing pains, with continued follow-up and medical support.

The medical camps were a huge success. But people had to wait an entire year to address medical issues so they could receive free care at the next upcoming medical camp. Thus, an arrangement for frequent doctor visits to the slums was set in place to reduce the suffering of the sick and address medical needs before they became severe or untreatable. These monthly visits are impossible to continue without your support.

Long-Term Impact

These medical camps have resulted in many people gaining access to treatment and care who otherwise could not have afforded it. Continued financial support also goes to help increase capacity for frequent follow-ups throughout the year and access to free or low cost medicines and testing. People in impoverished communities can continue to live healthier lives through the continuous efforts of the medical camps hosted by Kolkata City Mission.

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