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Hello everybody,

I am Mrs. Jinny Mahalia Joshi. I want to share a story of my only brother Mr.Jerry Mahalia who is a Cancer patient presently and in need of help from a person like you.

Please read in detail and share it with your other resourceful friends and known people.

My brother Jerry Mahalia, age about 42 plus, is an Audio/Video Technical Artiste and also a music teacher. He is well associated with the creative industry in Assam. He is basically a freelance technical artiste. He composes songs.  He gives background music for serials and feature films. He gives sound effects in dramas, TV serials, and big screen films, He makes promotional videos of new songs. He makes various documentary videos. But all these work he does when clients pay him, he just works as a wager.

He also has his few sincere piano students whom he teaches piano and keyboard lessons within his city and this is how he earns his daily bread and butter.

Since last more than one and a half year, he is suffering from Oral Cancer.

We the family members all together gave him his required treatments in Bangalore with Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy.but because of money constrain we could not complete his treatment much properly.

Now the Doctors (Oncologists and ENT specialists) after going through all his details and latest reports came to a conclusion that it is a clear case of surgery that too a major one.

His whole of lower jaw bone of left side has to be cut & removed.His voice box down within will also be cut removed, resulting his face won't look same anymore, his voice won't be there anymore.He’ll be the speechless person for the entire rest of his life.

We are financially broke presently.All our major savings were spent in his last year's treatments in Bangalore.And so now we are almost empty handed we have no required amount of money on hand to proceed my brother's treatments.

So now we are busy arranging money by borrowing from here and there. A mere amount has accumulated but still, a huge portion has to go...

Sad to say...but the bitter truth. Few of his small aged keyboard student's parents removed their children after discovering about his cancer disease. They became afraid and avoided him.Not only them but there are many other examples of other good people with whom he was working, already started avoiding him and us in this hour of needs, considering him as if he is a leprosy patient. And as if the disease will spread to them too if they come close to my brother Jerry.

He can't eat properly now, he can't even gulp water properly, he cannot open his jaw more than 5 millimeters.(half of 1 centimeter).So just imagine how and what will he be able to put anything in his mouth or chew. Literally next to nothing, he hardly goes out of the house these days.He hardly meets people.

But still, the world has some good people even today.Few of our well-wishers and friends, especially some old friends are slowly getting active for us after they became clearly aware of Jerry’s latest health condition...

Cause money is the main constraint for us now.

We need your help and support whatever little you can do for Jerry now it will be a big help for him.

Please do something for him...

Anything whatever you can...!!!

We all love him very much...!!!

We all want him amidst us...!!!

Jerry want to live...!!!

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