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On the 8th of December 1990,I had a sudden stroke after which I was partially paralyzed below the waist and unable to feel or move my legs or feet. For the past 27 years I have been in bed and relies on my family for my basic needs. As per doctor's opinion, my condition is called Transverse Milites. I had my initial treatment in Government Medical College, Kottayam and later in District Ayurveda Hospital,  Kottayam. Since then,  I have been continuing my treatments and medications as a result of which my paralysis percentage improved from 80% to 50%. Now I am able to move the fingers in both my feet and even to feel the sense on my right toe. But still I cannot feel or move the rest of my body below the waist.

Most of the time, because of uncontrolled urination I am forced to use urinary catheter tube which leads to further complications like severe fever and urinary tract infection. I take medication for constipation and sometimes even undergo enema for bowel movement. Whenever I forget to take medicine or skip a dose due to lack of money,  my entire body becomes swollen followed by other complications. I haven't tried any modernized treatments and medications because of the financial limitations in my family and I strongly believe that one day I will be able to walk on my feet if I get appropriate medical attention.

Currently I am living with my brother and his family after the death of my parents (death certificates of the deceased are attached)who were my only support in life. My brother is a daily wage worker who strives to make the both ends of life meet. His family includes his wife and three children who are studying in classes 5,6 and 8 respectively. We are living in a small house in a 2 cent plot.

Since I have been in wheelchair for the past 27 years,  I do not have any connection to the outside world. During emergency situations,  somebody has to carry me from my house to the road which is around 200 meters away. During the initial stages of my disease, I needed the help and support of atleast 4 people to every day and night. We had borrowed a huge amount of money during this time to meet the expenses of medical treatment and other financial needs. So far we have spent around 25 lakh rupes for my treatment because of which we are in a huge financial crisis and in great poverty. My brother or my sister take turns and looks after me as I am unable to do things by myself. For this reason they cannot go to work every day  and earn money for the family.

I am going through a difficult and stressful situation now as I am severely affected physically,  mentally and financially. I wish to undergo modern scientific treatments like physiotherapy and so on if I can get a helping hand. If I get sufficient financial support,  I also wish to do some work or business which suits my condition so that I can fulfill my daily needs without depending on others.  I hope there will be a few great minds who can understand my situation and come forward to help me fulfill my dreams.
Yours sincerely, Jaya Kumari

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