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Inqui-Lab Innovation cycles, a project of Yuva Varadhi, are interventions that build a culture of creativity & Innovation at schools. We believe that the current educational experience is too focused on rote-learning and is not giving children enough platforms to question, work on their own original ideas and engage in meaningful problem-solving and creation. A study by the World Economic Forum, listed skills such as creativity, critical-thinking,collaboration, communication as essential for employ-ability. Schools needs to transform into a space where students are given opportunities to engage in creativity and build these essential 21st century skills that ensure their future success.

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Since its inception, we have worked with 800+ children across government & private low in-come schools,social welfare schools and community centers. Through the 4-step process of Inspire - Design - Optimize - Create,we help kids come up with original ideas which are useful and solve real world problems. We help them build prototypes to test and showcase their ideas.

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Current Project:

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This year, the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS), had given us the opportunity to partner with 5 social welfare schools in Mothkur, Amangal, Saroor nagar, Maheshwaram & Hayath nagar. We will be working with 400 children across ten Grade-6 classrooms.Each student will be given the opportunity to undergo their first cycle of innovation wherein they get to submit ideas, collaborate with their peers and work on creating prototypes of their ideas. Each school will be assigned an Inqui-lab coordinator to oversee weekly implementation of the Session for a period of 6-8 weeks(Dec- Feb). 50% of the classroom will be completely student-led and the students will be trained to facilitate the sessions. Based on ideas, 40 students will also receive special mentoring & guidance by experts.

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