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By Ajit Choudhary

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More than 2,00,000 people sleep on Delhi streets in this bone penetrating cold every winter and more than 35,000 homeless people have died since 2004.

Folks!!! While we switch channels of our television, sipping the hot coffee finding comfort under the warm fuzzy blanket, cursing the govt for not doing anything for the poor. We sometimes forget that there are people dying on the streets.

Winter is upon us once more. Pollution, smog and plunging temperatures transmute sleeping into a formidable daily challenge for the most dispossessed of city residents – people without homes. The more compassionate among us are stirred briefly each year about the predicament of the homeless forced to sleep in the biting cold. The Delhi government has undertaken a range of steps to aid the homeless in winter months after it was moved to action by years of civic mobilisation, judicial activism and occasional media attention.

The state government has established 218 homeless shelters in Delhi with a capacity of over 17,000 persons. However, it is confronted by a conundrum that it finds difficult to understand. At least half the capacity of the shelters lies unutilised even on the coldest nights, although tens of thousands of homeless people battle the elements without a roof over their heads. For every homeless person who sleeps in a shelter in the city, there are an estimated 15 who still sleep out in the open.

Unwilling to brook what it regards to be the stubborn and irrational resistance of homeless persons to sleep in shelters, the Delhi government this winter has launched what it describes as a massive “rescue” mission. Every winter night, officials, policemen with long thick sticks, and NGO workers scour the streets for homeless people. On locating them, they swoop down and forcefully push them into in the nearest homeless shelter.

We are a group of normal office going people who share sympathy with these homeless people sleeping in the open. Every now and then we extend our hands and try to help these people on our own without the help of the govt.

This winter we are trying to provide warmth to these unfortunate people of Delhi and we would appreciate your kind gestures in this act of humanity.

We are fundraising through various means like crowdfunding websites and going out in locality with donation boxes. We are also raising money and unused warm cloths, blankets etc in our nearby school in Delhi. We are getting a lot of these stuffs but still it is not enough to help out many on the streets.

A blanket costs a minimal Rs. 150 and with the funds that will be raised here, every penny will be utilized to buy as many blankets as we can and then it will distributed to the needy. We will be posting regular updates and also collaging a video afterwards to capture the happy moments.

Even a small donation counts, so open your heart and donate for this worthy cause. The funds received will be used to buy warm clothes and blankets and will be distributed on regular intervals to these homeless people on the streets of Delhi. We will be taking out the funds from here on regular intervals and will be buying supplies and distributing it to them.


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