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Hiv Infected people are the most neglected in all over the world.But life doesnt ends here.They can lead a normal life with proper medication and special Care.its as like DIABETIS.which can be taken care of and put under control with proper medical help and specially ''AYURVEDIC THERAPY'' Most of the infected people from INDIA are ''low income group'' who dont afford the ethical treatment. I myself working on the same with my own and personal efforts.As a doctor whatever i can do i am doing.Recently got the idea of fundraising thru such kind of sites.I am an Ayurvedic Practioner in Navi Mumbai since 10 yrs.Treating these kind of patients and controlling them from getting worsen. Even people from ''medical background'' needs to improve there knowledge regarding the disease.These people are taken for granted as they got infected from only ''sexual reason''but that is not the fact.I am coming across so many people got infected without there fault.including childrens,youngsters. Plz make them smile with your small help so that they can ''live'' happily.Let Them Live,They Are Also HumanBEINGS,might be its not there FAULT Thanks

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