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Dear funder,

Indian heritage has always boasted of learning that has helped the world in multi faceted

manners from understanding decimal to medicine to music. However, in the last few years, education in India has become either the prerogative of those who can afford or the affordable education is limited to learning by rote.  

With the sole objective to impart quality education incorporating values of Indian Culture – Eternally Sustaining without Sectarian Divides, a humble effort was started in February 2016 and Gynodaya Brhamavarta opened its doors to children from Kindergarten to class VII. Needless to say that this effort, without any consideration to religion, caste, gender or economic strata is based strictly on  a “NO PROFIT” basis . 

Bithoor, located about 23km from the city of Kanpur (12th most populous city in India and the second largest city of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh) has a history that some legends trace back to the BC era. In the hey days it was the capital of Hindu and Mughal kings alike and played an important role in the 1857 Uprising against the British Rule in India. The small legislative assembly constituency (population of about 15,000) is rich in diversity with Hindu, Muslim, indigenous north Indian and Peshwa habitants. With literacy levels of only 60%, it seemed to be the most apt place to start our mission of spreading Eternally Sustainable Education with Sectarian Divides.

In two years the school, that has english as its medium of instruction, has increased its strength from an initial 170 to a current 300 students (from Kindergarten to standard VIII). Quality teachers and efficient staff are focussed on the overall development of the students. The school is housed in a brand new building with two floors that is solar powered and well ventilated. 

It is proposed to add classes every year, to reach up to class XII, and eventually seek CBSE affiliation. For this it will be imperative to purchase a suitable plot of land and construct additional school building with all facilities and amenities so that the learning experience is complete for all. In addition, the main occupation of the population in Bithoor is agriculture or small establishments. The ability to fund the entire cost from fee is non-existant. Any attempts of the same will defeat the very purpose of starting the institution.

To help us in our efforts we need to raise a corpus of INR 60,00,000 – to meet annual deficit and another INR 1,25,00,00 - to meet the next round of capex.
This is a request to seek contributions from like minded persons. The management will be happy to share detailed financials, presentations and plans with those who seek to know more. Additionally, an organization structure can be shared along with details of the trustees and the trust’s management staff.
An application has been made for 80 G exemption for both the School and the Foundation, and are expected shortly. 


The Gyanodaya Brhamavarta School Management

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