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By Vishwanath MUDDAIAH

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Our dear colleague, Guruprasad Ramakrishna, was diagnosed with leukemia and has been undergoing treatment for the same since last year. 

In December, the treatment that he was undergoing had to be drastically modified and the doctors have advised a bone marrow transplant, which will cost approximately INR 50 lakhs.

All of us at SG GSC, who have interacted with Guru, have always had a good word for him. 

He never shied away from answering his phone, even in the middle of the night to help a colleague, who may have had to rush to the hospital in an emergency. 

His soft spoken manner and his calm approach to even the most difficult situations, ensured he was loved and respected by everyone around.

Today, Guru is in a tight situation. He needs all the help he can get against his fight with cancer. 

One of the sure ways you can help is by supporting him to finance this expensive treatment. Please help him generously and relieve him atleast from the financial burden.

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