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By Ajayan Nair

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Hussain's surgery is completed successfully. Now he need immediate monitory help to look after post surgery treatment.


Dear Friend,

My name is Ajayan and I am raising funds for Gulam Hussain who's both kidneys are failed and admitted for kidney transplantation at Sri Narayana Hurudalaya, Electronic City, Bengalore. . The treatment is costing us Rs. 8.5 lacs. We have generated about 6 lacs for the treatment. Hussain's wife is donating her one kidney to him. Both need to undergo surgery at the same time. Now, there is a new challenge - after Hussain's Type A and Type B blood test the final result was showing there is more of Titler A512 and more of Titler B, due to this they were not able to do normal plasmapherisis. The doctors suggested POCARD Adsopak - Multi use column AB (5-200AB), which with other procedures will cost about Rs. 3.20 Lacs. We have put in all our best effort to raise fund of Rs. 6 Lacs, which include the Prime Minister's and Chief Minister's funds. Now we dont have any other door to knock to meet this additional new requirement.  

Hussain is about 46 years and was working in a construction company, living with his wife and adopted son. 1 year long dialysis and treatment has broke him financially, and sudden demise of his mother due to cancer has tired him mentally. Hussain has his plan to -  once recovered - to help the needy people by assisting them on the basis of his real life experience. 

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We are grateful for your help!

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