Save Native Trees, Disburse Native Tree Saplings

By Valarmathi Subramaniam

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1) The money would be spent for growing trees in an area covering 10 acre of land protected by an electrical solar fence. 

2) 50 lakhs would be spent on buying the land and facilitating with solar fence water pump motor etc for an estimated time of within 3 months of fund been received. 10 lakhs would be spent for buying sapling and planting the sapling within a year of time. Remaining 10 lakhs for maintenance of the place and for appointing a person for guarding.  

3) I do not have the money to bring my dream to the limelight. Growing trees is for the mass benefit and it is not going to benefit an individual. No one gives money for contributing oxygen and clean environment to the globe. I am not rich enough to invest such huge amount by myself so I am asking for helping hand?

4) Initially, I require money for buying the land and later on, the donor can contribute in any form like donating tree saplings, Donating Motor pump, Donating Solar Fence or in whatever form they wish to.

The donors can enjoy the green by staying there and get rejuvenated. They get the reward of contributing green to the globe

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