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By Mary P J Johnson P D

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My name is Mary alias Subbulakshmi aged 54 years. I have three children. My husband Mr. Johnson is running a road side shop for last 30 years. And we are living in small rented house. We are belonging to poor family depending on daily meager income of my husband for our livelihood. All my children are married and living separately.

As I told, we do not have any asset or own house to live or any regular or permanent income. Me and husband are living from daily income from the road side shop.

My children are also not very well off to take care of us.

I was diagnosed with LUNG CANCER at 4 th STAGE. in 2016 Feb. Since then, am under continuous medical treatment. I was given Chemotherapy for first 6 months and then medications. Often I fell sick and gets admitted in hospital.

Due to personal dispute my elder son and my elder daughter neglected and abandoned me totally When I asked for help, they said NO and not ready to spend any money for my treatment. Am in deep distress both mentally and physically.

The only thing that is consoling and comforting me is my younger daughter Lini Srikumar”s love and support  during my  tough days am going through now.

Since I become very weak, and need assistance, I and my husband stay with her and continuing treatment. She is taking care of me and spend for all my medical expenses. Often I got admitted in hospital for my treatment, hospital bill become a huge expense.

As I told already, she is not well off as she got two small kids who are studying in school and living in rented house and depending on her husband’s income for all expenses. So she had to borrow every time and spend for my treatment, which adds more burden to them.

Now the doctors estimated that It would cost around 5  Lakhs to treat in better way so that I can lead my life without pains. But I could not afford to get these treatments as already we burdened with huge debts and mental stress. We are not able to spend further amount and continue treatment unless someone helps.

If I am given good and regular treatments, I hope my pain will reduce and lead a peaceful life

So I request kind-hearted people to support me and help me to get better treatment.

Yours Truly

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