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The Baby Amariya was born on 7th July 2016. She was pre-diagnosed with the Hydrocephalus in the last month of pregnancy. After Birth during the New born Assessment doctor found that she also has thoracic Meningomyelocele. The CT Scan of Baby Amariya on 13th July 2016 has this Report:

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Then doctor decided that she has to go a Major Surgery to put a VPMP shunt on her Skull and to repair the Meningomyelocele. There was a surgery of Baby Amariya on 26th July 2016. She was discharged on 29th July 2016.

After a few days she got infection in her wounds and it took a long time to heal her wounds. She got recovered and was gaining good health. She also has all the lifesaving vaccination and also regular routine checkups with the concern doctors.

But in the Month of October her head size was increasing rapidly. Then we took her to the Doctors and they suggested us to have another CT scan of Amariya. The Recent CT Scan Report on 3oth November 2016 Says this:

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Since then, she is fighting for her life. She couldn’t even see, hear or talk because of the effect of CSF in her brain. She will be turning 1 year old in the Month of July, 7th 2017. She doesn’t know her future but we are praying and hoping for her to get well soon. There are a lot of expenses to take care of her, she has to take drugs every day and because of heavy and large size of her head, she could not move. We as parents have a huge responsibility to take care of her. We took her up and keep in our lap for feed her. She only drinks milk and cerelac. This costs a lot for us. But we hope that God will provide all the needs of Amariya. She has to go every month for a routine checkup to 110 KM far from my place. All together we have to spend a lot of money for the care of Amariya.

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