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By Uday Hegde

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Dear Friends

My Wife Shilpa aged 34 years mother of 2.5 years old twins residing in Bangalore  . I am seeking your support for my  wife CancerTreatment  which is re occurred with more severity in the bones and lungs and also she is looking for the lighter artificial limb.

She has been diagnosed with rare Cancer( soft tissue Sarcoma)in her left leg nearly one year back, Cancer was spread to lungs also. Tumor was so big that doctor could not able to operate and remove from her leg, leg had to be amputed.

It all started in April 2016.

Small lump developed in her left leg calf, we were thinking that it is ablood clot , gradually it started becoming bigger and she lost her sensation infeet . Immediately  we took her to Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore ,Doctor started investigation MRI, Biopsy ,IHC etc, Finally all the reportsruined our dreams, our family completely shattered we did not had anyCancer history in our family. Immediately we have consulted Sri Shankara CancerHospital, Bangalore .Doctor after consultation with all the specialist doctorsdecided to ampute her leg , there was no option left out becausecancer was already spread to lungs also .After surgery six cycle ofChemotherapy completed . PET scan after the completion of Chemo shows completeclear of spread nodules  we are very happy that difficult phase is over.Six months completed  slowly back pain started ,I was in a impression itmay be due to heavy artificial leg , but very shocking news was waiting for myfamily .As a follow up investigation PET scan done , result was againruined our dreams .Cancer was started its own work inside her bodycompletely spread to bones & lungs also .Doctor advised her to admitimmediate for Chemotherapy with different chemo drug which is more costlierthan the previous one.

This horror Cancer put my family into indigestible financial pressure. Webelong to a middle class family and this treatment poses a significantchallenge to our resources already under stress from one year of cancertreatment & prosthesis.

 Total cost burden on my family:

Spent on Surgery:Rs.1,00,000/-

Spent on Six Cycle Chemotherapy ( First phase):Rs.4,80,000/-

Spent on Scan, Blood test ,Medicine & misc:Rs.50,000/-

Spent on Artificial limb cost:Rs.1,72,000/-

2nd Phase Chemotherapy (estimated for six cycles):Rs.5,10,000/-

Probable expenditure on Scan, Blood test ,Medicine & misc :Rs.70,000/-

 Total Estimated Financial Burden Will be Rs.14 Lakhs.


 I request your support and contributions in order to continue the treatment and help her to see our little kids grow up.


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