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Hi friends, myself Ayesha Ali, Is writing this msg for my son. His name is Abdur Rehman, he is only 1.5 years old, learning to speak, exploring things, always in his own world of naughtiness, still he has not seen anything in this beautiful world as yet and at thus small age he is deducted with Hydrocele and few knots in his lower abdomen, which needs to be removed by surgery.

Me and Abdul's father, we hardly make our bread and butter. We don't have money to afford his surgery. 

I sent emails to many organizations for help. They couldn't help me but a gentleman suggested me to run a campaign on ImpactGuru and appeal people to donate money for the surgery, so I'm here. 

Please forward this post to as many people as you can, nobody knows which kind heart is going to donate for my child. For me every single rupee matters, please donate for my child whatever you can, please save him. 


Please share this campaign as much as you can and help us with your generous contribution.

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